The IQAC is in  pursuit of excellence in accademic and non academic activities of the college by ensuring quality teaching-learning environment.

The IQAC team consisits of the following members

  • Dr Sunil John J                                                               principal 

  • Dr.  Anoop K V (HoD of Physical Education)             - Coordinator

  • Dr. P.M.Salim  (HoD of History)                                      - Member

  • Smt. Shyma S G.  (HoD of Statistics)                           - Member

  • Smt. Mrudula M    (HoD of English)                                - Member

  • Sri. Sajithkumar P (Asst. Prof. of Commerce)            - Member

  • Sri. Shivashankara P (Asst. Prof. of Kannada)          - Member

  • Sri. Bijy M C (Senior Supt.)                                              - Member

  • Sri. Karthik K (Union Chairman)                                     - Member

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